Connecting Jira and Intercom

At Rigor we use JIRA to track our development tasks and Intercom to handle customer support. When a support case comes in that requires development work, we create an issue in JIRA. To connect the systems, we add a private note to any related Intercom support cases with a link to the issue in JIRA.

As we’ve grown, it’s gotten more difficult to keep these two systems in sync. To automate some of the manual effort, I built a Sinatra-based web service to connect JIRA and Intercom.

How it works

  1. Deploy the web service to your favorite platform (we use Heroku)

  1. Add the web service as a webhook in JIRA and register the “issue created” and “issue updated” events

  1. Include a link to an Intercom conversation in your JIRA issue descriptions

  1. A private note will be posted to the Intercom conversation with a link to the JIRA ticket created in step 2

For more on setup and configuration, see [the project’s README](

What’s next

Currently the web service handles the jira:issue_created and jira:issue_updated webhook events and looks for Intercom URLs in the issue description. Future enhancements might include:

I’ll post blog updates as any major features are added, but be sure to check out the project on Github for updates.